It's all because of the marvelous Holly, who personally saw these ensembles in Budapest, that we have these wonderful pictures!

Thank you for so generously allowing us all to be able to drool over these amazing photos of things like seam placement, hems, gold-work, and embroidery!

Each photo is linked to it's original size. Enjoy!

The wedding garments of Lajos IV and Mary of Hungary, dated 1526
The museum description: if anyone knows Hungarian, I would appreciate a translation!
Neck detail showing gold-work that continues down from the 'collar' onto the shirt
Detail of gold-work at the neck of the shirt
Shirt skirt detail - just look at that smocking and the stitches attaching the skirt to the upper half of the shirt.
Cuff and edge of left sleeve, pretty silver embroidery along the edge of the sleeve
Detail of gold-work on the sleeve cuff - all I can say here is WOW
Detail showing where the cuff is attached to the sleeve
Back of cloak yoke and collar
Lajos hemline
Detail of hemline stitching
Detail of outer coat shoulder and collar
Back overall view - shows the 'folds' in the skirt well
Hanging sleeves and side view of ensemble
Front of bodice - notice that the seam placement for the gold fabric are set forward a bit. Beige toned fabric is conservation
Bodice embroidery!!!! The smocking is absolutely tiny and the stitches are wider than I thought. Chemise neckband is cut on the bias
Seam where sleeve of chemise is and closer view of that forward seam on the gold part
Closer view of shoulder area - notice the small 'dart' going up toward the 'collar' from the armhole
Bodice backYou can see the beige toned conservation fabric at the shoulder
Shoulder detail. Better view of that mysterious 'dart' just behind the armhole. Also, sleeve seam placement at the shoulder seam
Front waist detail Good view of current belt buckle
Edge of the belt currently on display with the dress
Waist detail: shows gathered pleats and where the bodice is attached to the skirt
Another great view of the pattern of the green and gold damask
One of the seams: The best up close view of the fabric that I've seen. What a pretty brocade!
Skirt side seam detail
Left sleeve. It looks to have been stored folded at one time as there is a line of the conservation fabric running down the length of the sleeve
Shows arm seam and bodice side seam
Sleeve cuff is lined with the same brocade as the dress is made from. The cuff and collar are gold with embroidery on top to create a damask-effect
The edge of white under the belt may indicate that the skirt is sewn to a waistband at this point since we should see a continuation of the gold fabric right there
Detail of skirt guards and how they attach to the skirt lining. Made from green linen and appear to be original as all the conservation lining has a cream tone
Detail of a seam Look how well they match the brocade pattern at all the seams

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