I found a love for crafting as a child and started sewing when I was a newlywed and my grandmother gave me my first sewing machine. Want to see it? Here it is:

Since that time a few other machines have joined in the fun and enjoy creating projects with me, but that one still has one of the prettiest straight stitches I've ever seen!

Q: What kinds of commission work do you do?
A: A little of everything! I sew a wide variety of garments, alterations, home decor projects, quilts, embroidery, and much more!

Q: Do you take custom garment commissions or make garment alterations?
A: Absolutely! A few things to consider:

1. All garment, home decor, alteration, and other project work is completed in Katy, TX so please plan travel time if you are not in this area. Garment projects may include draping, measurements, and fittings to ensure the garment is custom fit to you.

2. You will be responsible for supply costs plus my hourly rate. If I will be purchasing supplies, a deposit of 50% of the estimate is required before I can begin.

3. My sewing calendar will vary depending on the time of year. I do my best to work with everyone who contacts me, but will not make a commitment to your project if I will not be able to complete the work by your deadline.

4. Final payment is due before I will release your project. I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT RELEASE ANY PROJECT UNTIL FINAL PAYMENT IS MADE, so please make arrangements and plan appropriately before the final pick-up.

Q: Can I bring my own supplies for my project?
A: As long as they are of good quality, of course!

Q: I have a pattern/style in mind, but would like to see some changes reflected in the final garment. Is this possible?
A: Definitely! I have lots of experience in pattern drafting and draping that helps get the result you want, no matter where we start.

Q: Do I even need to bring a pattern?
A: Nope! I prefer to drape my garment customers for important projects so that we get a perfect fit which is also flattering. Modern patterns are based on statistics and averages and I have not yet met a single person that is a statistic or an average. Instead of using a pattern and then having multiple mock-ups and fittings to eventually find a good fit, I prefer to save time (which saves you $$) and use draping to get a custom "pattern" on the first try that requires minor (if any) adjustments. If you have a particular style of garment in mind, it can be created just from photos.

Q: How long have you been doing this?
A: Longer than I care to admit, but I will say that a focus on garment construction began well over a decade ago. ;)

Q: What happens when I contact you?
A: When a potential customer contacts me, I first confirm that I will be able to complete the project by the deadline and then we find a time to meet up to sketch out the design, discuss materials, and take measurements (if needed). A list of needed supplies is created, the deposit calculated (if needed), and for garments we will drape the pattern.

Q: Do you have any guarantees?
A: Absolutely! Every item is created with a great attention to detail from the pre-sewing process down to professionally finishing every seam. I guarantee construction for normal wear and tear for the period of one year. If other alterations or repairs are required such as negligence, abuse, other changes, I am happy to revisit the project at my current hourly rate.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a project, please feel free to contact me!


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