T-Shirt quilts are a fantastic way to preserve memories and make great gifts for events such as graduations and holidays!

These t-shirt quilts are created from your saved items such as t-shirts, sports jersies, sweatshirts, and other fabric/clothing items.

The usual size is a twin quilt (about 65" x 105" give or take) which is a perfect size for toting to camps, college, or for snuggling

These quilts tend to be used year-round in states with warm weather so I focus on creating 2-layer, tacked quilts with no batting for more versatility.

The backing is a high-quality flannel: the softness gives warmth during cooler weather, and the natural fiber content keeps it cool enough for warm weather use as well.

A twin-sized quilt requires around 28 large shirt designs (i.e. - if a shirt has a large design on both the front and back, that counts as 2). Smaller shirt designs such as pocket designs will be worked in between the large designs.

If there are several youth-sized shirts, the quilt will need extra shirts to accomodate for their smaller size.

Each quilt starts with a different group of items so they are all custom designed and patterned to get the most out of your memories!

Every quilt has my guarantee: Every item is created with a great attention to detail from the pre-sewing process down to professionally finishing every seam. I guarantee construction for normal wear and tear for the period of one year. If other alterations or repairs are required such as negligence, abuse, other changes, I am happy to revisit the project at my current hourly rate.

Prices are: $150 for a "regular" quilt of adult-sized shirts, $175 for a quilt with a mix of half youth sized shirts & half adult sized shirts, $200 for a quilt of all youth shirts, and an added $15 if the quilt needs to be shipped after completion.

If you would like a t-shirt quilt, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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